Is the information I provide on the form safe?

Our website uses industry standard security protocols including a sitewide 256-bit SSL certificate to encrypt communications. We also take every precaution to ensure your information is kept confidential and it will not be disclosed to any third-party, in accordance with our privacy policy. As a law firm, we also comply with all rules and regulations of the legal profession in accordance with the Law Society of British Columbia.

What payment methods are accepted?

Once your intake form is reviewed by a lawyer and you are contacted for payment, we will direct you to our secure online payment form offered through our firm, Watson Goepel LLP. We accept Interac e-transfer and most credit cards.  Payments will generally be placed in trust prior to the service being rendered, and you will then receive an itemized invoice once the service(s) you ordered are rendered with the payment you made in trust applied to the invoice. Any outstanding balance shown on the invoice, if applicable, is due and payable upon receipt.

What are disbursements?

Disbursements refer to fees that we are charged by third-parties or other service providers, such as BC Registry, BC Online, BC Will Registry, etc. that are passed on to clients. Disbursements are costs that we incur on your behalf to perform the requested service. For example, for incorporations, the fee charged by BC Registry to incorporate your entity is passed onto you.  Some disbursements may not be taxable, and if so, they will be passed onto you without tax.

Why is a particular service not offered?

At WGdirect, we try to keep things as simple and accessible as possible for our clients. If there is a particular legal service you are looking for but not currently provided on our site, please contact us for a referral to one of our lawyers at Watson Goepel LLP. We make regular updates to this site, and from time to time new or additional legal services may be offered, so we recommend that you signup for our newsletter (see link below) to stay up-to-date.

Why are customizations extra?

WGdirect was designed to be different from a traditional law firm where tailored and customized legal advice is provided and billed at standard hourly rates. Our fixed-fee services have inherent limitations to reduce fees and complexity, while still addressing common issues faced by our clients. Where possible, we offer add-on packages on certain services, which will allow you to request legal advice or simple customizations to address your particular situation or needs. However, if you’re looking for a more tailored legal advice that is outside the scope of services we currently provide, please contact us and we can refer you to one of our experienced lawyers at Watson Goepel LLP for further assistance.

How is WGdirect different from other providers?

WGdirect was developed by lawyers and is actively managed by a real British Columbia-based law firm: Watson Goepel LLP.  We are Vancouver-based, but we also operate from multiple offices locations across the Lower Mainland. WGdirect’s services are reviewed and vetted by licensed lawyers and all front-line communications generally go through one of our lawyers. Therefore, unlike most other online platforms that offer do-it-yourself legal documents or services, our legal services are exclusively provided by licensed lawyers in the Province of British Columbia and regularly updated and reviewed for accuracy and quality. While most of WGdirect’s services are intended to be used by clients without extra legal advice, some services offer add-ons and consultations that may be helpful if you need customizations are legal advice beyond the scope of the particular service we provide on this website. Contact us for details.

How do I make payment?

Currently, we do not accept payments directly on our intake forms for two reasons: first, we need to verify all new intakes before we can accept them; second, our payments are processed once a new file is opened through our Watson Goepel LLP online payment platform. You will be provided the exact amount including fees, disbursements and taxes that need to be remitted prior to us commencing any work.

I am having trouble filling out the forms

If you’re experiencing any technical issues filling out any of our intake forms, first please ensure you are using the latest browser available for your operating system. We recommend Chrome, Edge (Chromium) and Firefox. On mobile, we recommend Safari (iPhone), Chrome and Firefox.  If you are having some issues proceeding to the next step due to a file upload error or issue, please refresh the page. Data is saved automatically in 30 second intervals, but any uploaded files after the form is restored may need to be reuploaded due to browser limitations. For any bug reports, please contact us at