Have an existing business but feelingunprotected?We can help!

When operating your business, especially during the early stages, the last thing you want to face is an unexpected lawsuit or claim made by a customer, employee, or contractor, or even unintended disclosure of confidential information about your business. To protect yourself against these uncertainties, we recommend the following types of legal agreements that may benefit you and your business.





The following are general, annotated, do-it-yourself precedents (based on BC law) that are available to purchase for eligible clients at a discounted price. Each document comes with a handy introductory guide to help you make the most of it. Please note that all documents are not intended to be comprehensive, tailored or customized for your particular situation or business, and are designed as a general starting point only. Discounted legal advice packages are available if you need help to tailor these documents for your own use. Prices are exclusive of taxes and are subject to change from time to time.

  • Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreement - One-Way$350

    Great general purpose NDA before you engage in conversations about your business

  • Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreement - Mutual$350

    Great general purpose NDA to help protect both parties in context of ongoing business

  • Employment Agreement$600

    Before you hire an employee for the first time, ensure you have an employment agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement$600

    Hiring a third-party individual on an occasional, temporary or consulting basis? This agreement will be applicable

  • Shareholders' Agreement$1,400

    An agreement governing the relationship is critical when you have multiple shareholders to ensure everyone understands the consequences of important events/decisions

  • Website Terms of Use$425

    Basic terms of use agreement designed for most websites

  • Website Privacy Policy$350

    Basic website privacy policy

  • Services Agreement$750

    Designed for typical service providers and can be easily modified to fit your business

  • Demand Promissory Note (Non-Interest Bearing)$300

    Handy promissory note template best suited for non-interest bearing unsecured loans between family

  • Discounted Rate - 1 Hour of Legal Advice with Junior Lawyer$275

    Up to 3 hours may be purchased in conjunction with one of the documents above. A junior lawyer is best suited for most document customizations

  • Discounted Rate - 1 Hour of Legal Advice with Senior Lawyer$350

    Up to 3 hours may be purchased in conjunction with one of the documents above. A senior lawyer is best suited for strategy, structuring, complex or extensive changes


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